Hot Forged Steel Rolls

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Texture profile

Hot forged steel rolls are manufactured with well-choosed quality forged steel blanks. According to customer’s requirements , suitable heat treatment is carried out to make rolls in satisfactory barrel hardness and hardening depth, When a comprehensive properties of good wearability is obtained, in he meanwhile, high toughness and excellent bitting ability are also achieved.

This type of rolls manufactured by XTMC is widely used on ferrous and non-ferrous shape and plate mills. Among them, the kind of tube rolls is with a high quality, rich in assortment, complete in specification, and wide in application. The technical properties of DR-10 Butt welded tube mill rolls have satisfactory met customers requirement. The quality of hyperbolic straightener rolls are in the leading position at domestic market, recently the rolls for piercing mill, pushing pointer and H-beam mill have been also developed successfully.

Main applications

  • Primary rolls for plate mills
  • Work rolls for planetary mills
  • Feed rolls for planetary mills
  • Back up rolls for planetary mills
  • Forming, sizing and vertical rolls for welded tube mill
  • Exturding rolls for seamless tube mill
  • Straightening rolls  for seamless tube mill
  • Work rolls for non-ferrous plate and strip mills
  • Back up rolls for non-ferrous plate and strip mills
  • Non ferrous casting-mill rolls