Cold Forged Steel Rolls

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Texture Profile

Cold forged steel rolls are widely used as both work and back-up rolls in cold mills for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

For the purpose of producing his type of rolls, state-of-art facilities are employed by XTMC, of which are involving steelmaking(EAF), refining(ESR or LF/VD) and forging(3150t hydraulic press) equipments to produce the high quality forged steel blanks.

As for heat treatment procedure, we take on the pre-heat-treatment procedure, specific induction-heating quenching (progressive or integral) and tempering, so as to provide the rolls which obtain a surface working layer with high and homogeneous hardness, superior wearability, high toughness and sufficient resistance to accident, so when the high-quality work rolls provided by us are applied on modern wide cold strip mills at home and abroad, satisfactory performance has been obtained on all of them.

Main applications

  • Work rolls for 4-Hi mills
  • Back up rolls for 4-Hi mills
  • Work rolls for 2-Hi mills
  • Work rolls for HC  mills
  • Intermediate rolls  for
  • Back up rolls for HC  mills
  • Work rolls for multi-mill  mills