Improved High Chromium Iron Rolls

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Texture profile

Improved high-chromium centrifugal composite casting production process, the outer layer of Cr content of more than 15% of high-chromium steel, ductile iron core material having a high strength. Between the outer layer and the core poured into the intermediate layer, to ensure that the outer layer and the core of good metallurgical bonding.

The outer layer of tissue on materialistic matrix for the matrix uniformly distributed in various forms carbides, mainly the shape of a daisy-like.

The roll adopts poor warm treatment technology for the optimization of organization, performance, outer layer has high, uniform hardness, high wear resistance.

Main application

  • Work rolls for early finishing stands of hot strip mills.
  • Work rolls for CSP early finishing work roll.
  • Work rolls for roughing and finishing medium and heavy plate mill.
  • Work rolls for the whole rolling R3, R4 roughing mill.
  • Work rolls for the vertical roll mill.

Performance Characteristics

  • Excellent abrasion resistance and thermal cracking resistance.
  • As the roll body produced oxide film during hot rolling work roll used to improve the wear resistance of the roll, extending in machine time and reduce the amount of grinding.
  • Hardness landing small, whole life performance guarantee rolls.


improved high chromium iron

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Performance Indicators

Performance index Units Numerical Value
Hardness HSD 75-80
Tensile strength MPa 500-900
Thermal conductivity Wm℃.at 500℃ 15-18
Expansion factor 10-6/℃ 9.8-11.2
Elastic modulus 104MPa 21.4-22.5
Poisson’s ratio 0.305
Density Kg/m3 7530
Specific heat capacity J/g℃ 0.492


high chromium iron