Alloy Nodular Cast Iron Rolls

Texture profile

The material contains a certain amount of Cr, Ni, Mo and other alloying elements, static casting production is tempered sorbite + part carbides, and there is a part of the free state of spheroidal graphite.

It is abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to thermal cracking. Hardness Control in 40-55 HS range, with a high temperature overall performance, it can ensure stability under high temperature micro structure and stable performance with higher life of the material.

Main application

BD ductile iron alloy roll, for multi-chassis BD universal beam mill rolls, especially the type of steel used for rolling rail, can greatly improve the life of  rolling mill roll, and increase mill productivity.


aloloy cast steel roll


Performance Indicators

Performance Index Units Numerical Value
Hardness HSD 75-80
Tensile strength MPa
Thermal conductivity
Heat conductivity coefficient
Young modulus
Poisson’s ratio
Specific heat capacity