Steel Refining Equipment

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Steel refining technique after tapping has many advantages in smelting process, it can shorten the smelting period, and reduce the consumption of power and electrode’s, so as to increase the productive capacity of the electric arc furnace about 30~50 %, you may also reduce the steel cast by employing the medium and high C% Fe-Cr of lower prices within the Ar – O2 refining furnace, and the recovery of Cr even reaches 98%; especially in improving the quality of steel, because refining has a capacity of reducing hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other non-metallic inclusions in the steel, there by increasing the purity and mechanical property of steel.

XTMC has a capacity to manufacture the steel refining equipment’s with various forms and tonnages which have the characteristics of rational construction, adaptable operation, less investment and bring resullt quickly, and has manufactured 50~90t LF/VD ladle refining furnace and 18t Ar – O2 refining furnace successfully used in Wuyang Iron and Steel Co. and Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co. etc.


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