Cast High Speed Steel Roll

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Texture profile

High-speed steel centrifugal composite casting process to produce an outer layer of material with a high-speed steel alloy, which is Cr, Mo, V and other alloying elements to achieve more than 20%, the core is a high strength ductile material. Between the outer layer and the core poured into the intermediate layer, to ensure that the outer layer and the core of good metallurgical bonding.

The outer layer of tissue on martensitic matrix for the matrix evenly distributed M7C3, M2C, M6C and MC carbides.

Kind of roll with a differential heat treatment process to obtain optimal organizational performance, the outer layer has a high, uniform hardness, high wear resistance.

Main application

  • Used in all kinds of strip mill roll roughing and finishing work

Performance Characteristics

  • Has excellent high temperature wear resistance and high temperature red hardness, ensuring rolls have excellent performance at high rolling temperature
  • When the machine using a roll body will form a dense oxide film, the oxide film can further enhance the roll surface quality and wear resistance
  • Compared with the traditional roll, long time in the machine of high speed steel rolls, high single-rolling capacity, low grinding volume, with outstanding economic benefits.




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Performance Indicators

Performance index Units Numerical Value
Hardness HSD 80-88
Tensile strength MPa 750-900
Thermal conductivity Wm℃.at 500℃ 18-22
Swelling coefficient 10-6/℃ 10.5-12.5
Elastic modulus 104MPa 21-23
Poisson’s ratio 0.27
Density Kg/m3 7750
Specific heat capacity J/g℃ 0.54-0.67