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We distribute all kinds of roll used for hot strip mill, cold strip mill, plate & heavy plate mill, large-sized section mill, universal mill, etc. Also, we supply cold forged steel work rolls, intermediate rolls, and backup rolls with unit weights below 4 tons, and barrel diameters below or equal to 600mm. Rolls are mainly used in single (tandem) stand cold mills, temper mills, straighteners with strip width below or equal to 1500; electric steel and stainless steel multi-roll cold rolling mills; non-ferrous mills such as copper strip and foil mills, aluminum strip, and foil mills.

For the Special Roll, we supply work rolls and backup rolls for bar mill, wire mill, small/mediate-sized section mill, narrow and medium-wide strip mill, rolls and roll rings for seamless tube mills, roll rings, and shaft for H-beam and universal structural mills, rolls for large-sized high-frequency straight welding mills (diameter over 508), etc.

For the equipment, we distribute all types of bloom, slab, special section blank for continuous casting machine, coke oven armature, complete sets of coke dry quenching equipment, heat treatment equipment for steel plate surface, cold rolling decoiler, wind power spare parts, etc.


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