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Texture profile

Improved high nickel-chromium centrifugal composite casting roll production process, the outer layer to increase the V, W and other strong carbide forming unlimited chilled cast iron, the core element of the high-strength ductile iron.

Outer bainite matrix tissue contains large amounts of eutectic carbides, small MC type carbide uniformly dispersed in the matrix, carbide content of about 25-35%. At the same time the organization also distributed Free State 1-3% graphite.

By optimizing the heat treatment process to ensure the roll has better stress level and suitable hardness.

Main application

  • All kinds of strip mill finishing after the period of work roll
  • The front end portion of the stainless steel finishing mill work rolls
  • The heavy plate mill roughing, finishing work roll
  • Mill bearing rollers

Performance Characteristics

  • The texture makes a lot of carbide rolls have good wear resistance and surface quality, quality assurance rolled.
  • Mill situation for different design optimization carbide and graphite content ratio, improve roll performance.




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Performance Indicators

Performance Index Units Numerical Value
Hardness HSD 70-83
Tensile strength MPa 420-620
Thermal conduction Wm℃.at 500℃ 18-20
Swell factor 10-6/℃ 11-13
Elastic modulus 104MPa 17-19
Poisson’s ratio 0.23-0.28
Density Kg/m3 7450
Specific heat capacity J/g℃ 0.54-0.70