Composite tool steel rolls

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Texture profile

Bimetallic composite tool steel composite casting process to produce a full flush, the outer layer having excellent thermal fatigue, thermal wear and thermal shock resistance of tool steel, the core having a high strength steel.

Kind of roll with a differential heat treatment process to obtain optimal organizational performance, the outer layer has a high, uniform hardness, in particular, has a very excellent resistance to thermal cracking performance.

Main application

  • Work rolls for 2Hi roughing mills.
  • Plate mill, two-roll mill Steckel roughing work rolls

Performance Characteristics

  • It has excellent thermal fatigue resistance, with only slight contact with hot slab thermal cracking and crack propagation slow heat.
  • Has excellent high temperature wear resistance, the machine for a long time, rolling volume.
  • High roll neck strength, guaranteed to have higher security during the roll when large reduction rolling slab.


composite tool steel

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Performance Indicators

Performance index Units Numerical Value
Hardness HSD 60-75
Tensile strength MPa 900-1200
Thermal conductivity Wm℃.at 500℃ 35-38
Swell factor 10-6/℃ 10-13
Young modulus 104MPa 21-22
Poisson’s ratio 0.25-0.30
Density Kg/m3 7800
Specific heat capacity J/g℃ 0.489