Alloy Cast Steel Rolls

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Texture profile

The material contains a certain amount of Cr, Ni, Mo and other alloying elements, the use of electric furnace smelting and refining of molten steel, static casting production process, may vary according to usage conditions, access to the pearlite structure and tempered sorbite tissue by adjusting the heat treatment process.

Such rolls have high strength and toughness, with some wear, thermal cracking, and good gripping performance.

Main application

  • Work rolls for 2Hi roughing mills.
  • Hot strip mill, plate mill, large vertical roller mill Steckel
  • Various types of steel mill BD rolls
  • Section mill roll,bloom roll


aloloy cast steel roll


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Performance Indicators

Performance Index

Units Numerical Value
Hardness HSD 32-45
Tensile  strength MPa 800-1200
Thermal   conductivity Wm℃.at 500℃ 25-35
Expansion  coefficient 10-6/℃ 10-13
Young’s  modulus 104MPa 21-22
Poisson’s  ratio 0.25-0.30
Density Kg/m3 7800
Specific  heat  capacity J/g℃ 0.489