Continuous Casting Machine for Billet, Slab

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The Billet Continuous Casting Machine is a new type one manufactured by XTMC. This machine features in full arc type and with rigid starting bar, and has the advantages of high productivity, simple structure, easy in maintenance and less cost. It is applicable to the continuous casting operations of small billet, big and small round blanks, the complete sets of machine successfully made by our company have been put into productive use, some of them have been exported to the countries of southeast Asia region, and have won a high reputation with superior performance.

XTMC can also manufacture the slab continuous casting machine in arc radius 6000mm, the sections of casted blank are 150*1000mm , 160*1000mm, with drawn speed 1.1~1.5m/min.

We hope to have a cooperation with steelworks and institutes in developing other type of continuous casting machines.


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